Basic Products

The journey of honey, which has been considered a source of healing for centuries and is one of the miracles of nature, is long and rough. This journey starts from a fruit bud and continues in the stomach of the honey bee. This beneficial and miraculous food is born from a fruit nectar transformed with various chemicals in the stomach of a bee and continues its journey in hexagonal honeycombs carefully formed by the bees.

Bees, one of nature’s most hard-working animal species, weave their combs with great care, with the effort and devotion they spend for hours; they digest the nectar they collect from the flowers with various enzymes and place them in these combs to produce honey. Every drop of honey contains the labor, dedication and life of hundreds of bees. Although it is the flowers that give honey its color and taste, what makes honey valuable and miraculous is actually the bees, which are very hardworking as well as being small. Protecting the health of these hardworking bees and colonies and providing their food is one of the main duties of beekeepers. As Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi, it is our duty to provide natural, additive-free and reliable foods. On Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi web site, you can find pure and natural fondant sugar specially designed for these hardworking and tireless bees; you can find bee cakes and varieties that protect the health of colonies and hive bees and provide a food source; you can find essences for attracting drone and bee combination essences and varieties; and you can also find 100% natural beeswax and hot and cold cast honeycomb types made from 100% natural beeswax.