Bee Products

When we talk about bees and beekeeping, the first thing that comes to mind is the unique and miraculous properties of honey and honey itself. However, bees that produce this food, also produce nutrients and substances that have a very important place in nature, such as royal jelly, pollen and propolis.

In addition to honey, royal jelly shows extraordinary activities, which have known but undetected effects, on humans and the human body. As a result of some researches and experiments, it has been found that royal jelly heals some chronic diseases and some types of diseases caused by chronic diseases, prevents the proliferation of cancer cells due to its cell renewal feature, and helps to eliminate nervous and mental disorders.

What Are Bee Products Good For?

Like royal jelly, propolis has many positive effects on human health. Propolis, one of the most special products of bees, is formed by bees collecting and assimilating plant resin and sap. Propolis, the strongest antioxidant known in the world, besides being a natural antibiotic, contains many minerals and vitamins that are very beneficial to human health, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamins B1, B2 and P.

Although pollen is known to cause allergic reactions on the human body in the spring months, it is also known for its many benefits, especially its healing effects on the liver. Pollen, which is an edible food source, also has a great place in the cycle of nature.

Like royal jelly and propolis, the benefits of honey are innumerable. Honey, which is a source of healing for many diseases, is a food that has a place in our daily lives with its prebiotic and antibacterial structure. There are many varieties of honey, which is an excellent source of nutrients; Chestnut honey, pine honey, flower honey and oak honey are just a few of them.

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As a result of some researches and experiments, it has been proven that royal jelly cures some chronic diseases and some types of diseases.