Beekeeper Clothes

The first and most basic feature of beekeeper clothes is to protect the beekeeper against the stings of honey bees. It is impossible for a beekeeper to care for bees and hive without protective beekeeping clothing. Beekeeper’s clothing, which is protected and durable against bee stings, also has a waterproof feature, despite the possibility of carrying out hive maintenance in rainy weather conditions. Besides these, the fabric of a beekeeper’s suit should breathe and allow the skin to breathe. For this reason, fabric clothes made from organic and natural cotton should be preferred. Standard equipment consists of a beekeeper’s mask, jacket, trousers, gloves and socks. Beekeeper’s clothing has rubber and zippers that complement its protective feature.

Protective clothing, which is a beekeeper’s uniform, should aim to make the beekeeper comfortable while she/he is doing her/his job, apart from protecting the health of the beekeeper. As Istanbul Petek Arıcılık evi, we offer you protective beekeeper clothing and varieties, which are the most reliable friend of a beekeeper, and we provide you to do your job with a comfortable and sheltered conditions. Composed of gabardine fabric and fireproof fly wire, beekeeper masks have an elasticated collar system with standard and large size options. With the overall option, the head part of the protective beekeeper suit, which consists of trousers and a jacket, can be separated from the body. In addition to various types of gloves, Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi offers you protective socks and protective beekeeper outfits and protective gloves for children.