Hand Tools

After a beekeeper’s protective clothing, her/his closest colleague is the hand tools she/he uses in the maintenance and construction of the hive. While these tools provide practicality to the beekeeper, they also help to save time. These tools must be robust, strong, rustproof and durable. From uncapping equipment to frame drilling machines; from bee brushes and types to reel winding apparatus; from beekeeper spur to frame molding board; hand tools that a beekeeper will need and will use frequently, and more, are at Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi.

The dual-function beekeeper spur is the most used tool by a beekeeper, as well as being practical and robust. There are many types of uncapping equipment according to type and usage area, you can find uncapping equipment and varieties according to various features and practicality at Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi. Hand tools such as wire tensioning device and reel winding device that enable a beekeeper to be fast and quick while making her/his job practical are also available on our Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi website. Different types and functions of hive scraping tools and bee brushes are also available on our website. While frame drilling machines are diversified according to the number of holes and feet, electric candle binding adapters also vary according to their sizes. You can also find other hand tools such as saws, axes and frame pliers on our site. Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi offers you the most reliable, practical and affordable beekeeper hand tools and provides safe shopping opportunities.