Hives and Hive Frames

The hive and hive frames, one of the basic tools and equipment of beekeeping, host bee and bee colonies. The hives and frames, where bees live and produce honey, can be regarded as a beekeeper’s breadbasket.

Hives with bee nests were formerly made of carved log material called black hive. Although wooden hives are more common today, black hives are still used.


Today, standard beehives are produced from materials that the beekeeper can easily control and maintain. At the top of the hive, there is the cover, and the frames in which the honeycombs are attached. Bees live on these combs, that is to say, inside frames. The daily task of a beekeeper is to control these frames and meet the needs of the colonies.

The hives are divided into types within themselves. Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi offers you five types of beehives, including black beehives, wooden-based beehives, plastic-based beehives, rust-proof beehives and styrofoam beehives, and the bee hives that are divided into different types in themselves. In addition to hives, Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi offers you hive covers, hive pulleys, hive frames and frame types. Istanbul Petek Arıcılık Evi hives and frames are produced from quality timber and galvanized sheet screws. Plastic hive base and covers are also made of high-quality plastic. Hive frames are diversified as selection, plastic, demounted, nailed, wired and plug-in models.