Beeacticub Yavru Çürüklüğü – 250 cc

Beeacticub Yavru Çürüklüğü – 250 cc

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Beeacticub- Foul Brood- 250 cc

Foul brood is a very dangerous brood disease seen in honey bee larvae, resulting in the collapse and decay of the larvae.

Worker bees, drones and even queen bee larvae can be infected with this disease in the colony.

If the necessary precautions are not taken in a timely manner, the disease can spread to the entire apiary and surrounding hives in a very short time.

BeeActiCUB can be used as a preventative before the disease, as well as to restore the hive by strengthening the immune system during the disease, enabling the healing of the diseased frames.

You will see the effect within 20 days from the first use. It is completely natural. It can be easily used in organic beekeeping. It leaves no residue.


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