Beeactinos Nosema – 250 cc

Beeactinos Nosema – 250 cc

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Beeactinos Nosema – 250 cc

Nosema disease is one of the adult bee diseases caused by an intracellular parasite called Nosema Apis and is one of the most common of all bee diseases. By causing a disorder in the digestive system of bees, it leads to low productivity and causes economic losses. This disease also causes bee deaths. Nosema is more likely to be seen in damp places. The disease is usually seen in the spring season, when the offspring reproduce. In summer, the incidence decreases.

Thanks to its special formula, Beeactinos strengthens the immune system of bees against Nosema and Nosema Cerena bacteria. You will see the effect within 15 days from the first use. It is completely natural. It can be easily used in organic beekeeping. It leaves no residue.


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