Beeactivar Varroa – 250 cc

Beeactivar Varroa – 250 cc

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Beeactivar Varroa – 250 cc

Varroa does not show any clinical symptoms that will attract attention for a long time. It multiplies in a short time and causes serious damage to the colonies. It reproduces and feeds by sucking the hemolymph (blood) of the bee. Reproduction of the parasite takes place in the cells of the honeycomb. After the queen bee begins to lay eggs in the comb cells in the spring, the female mites also become active. They enter the developing cells with 5-6 day old larvae 1-2 days before the eyes are closed. Thanks to its special formula, BeeActivar supports the fight of bees against varroa and varroa eggs. You will see the effect within hours from the first use. It is completely natural. It can be easily used in organic beekeeping. It leaves no residue.


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