Beeagra Arı Vitamini 100 g

Beeagra Bee Vitamin 100 g

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Beeagra Bee Vitamin 100 g

It helps bees to produce more honey.

It prevents stress in hive transplants.

It encourages the queen to lay eggs. In this way, it helps to form stronger and disease resistant colonies. It helps bees to develop in autumn and spring. It makes the colony stronger in summer. Therefore, efficiency of honey increases.

It increases the working performance of bees. It makes young bees healthier.


It is given as 500 ml per bucket by adding 20 g (5 teaspoons) to 10 liters of sherbet or drinking water every 3 days.

During bee transport, in case of illness or to prevent stress; It can be given by adding 40 g (10 teaspoons) to 10 liters of sherbet or drinking water.

In use with bee cake; 3 teaspoons of powdered Beeagra are mixed into 1 kg of Bee cake.

It should be stored in a dry, light-free and cool place.


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