Beestrong Varrofix 250 ml

Beestrong Varrofix 250 ml

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Beestrong Varrofix 250 ml

In terms of determining the right method in the fight against Varroa and Nosema, it is extremely important in which season it is. It is inconvenient to fight with chemical methods before and during the honey season. Because chemical factors reduce the quality of honey by leaving residues in the honey. Natural methods should be preferred in the fight against Varroa and Nosema. BEESTRONG ® Varrofix has been formulated using the extracts obtained by distillation of endemic plants grown in the Toros Mountains in the southern part of Turkey. It is a natural product produced to strengthen the immune system of bees, thanks to distilled Thymol (thyme), Eucalyptol (eucalyptus), Menthol (mint), other aromatic components and minerals.

When using BEESTRONG ® Varrofix:

It also cleans the residues left in the intestines of the bees during the season transitions, allowing them to enter the new season vigorously and healthy.

The immune systems of bees are strengthened. Productivity of bees increases and their life span are extended.

When it is used regularly, it protects bees against internal and external parasites (Nosema – Varroa etc.).

Bees’ resistance to pesticides increases.

It provides faster colony development by increasing the egg laying capacity of the queen.

It enables worker bees to produce more honey.

It contributes to the rapid and healthy development of bees born in early spring.


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