Bitstop (Gümüş Petek) Bee Food 500 g

Bitstop (Gümüş Petek) Bee Food 500 g

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Bitstop (Gümüş Petek) Bee Food 500 g

1-Prevention and treatment of varroa.

2-Stimulates the immune system. (Strengthens)

3-It supports the healing of damaged tissues in the body after treatment of varroa and treatment of diseases.

4-Increases body resistance against infections

5-Reduces bee deaths.

6- It supplies the nutritional needs of bees.

INGREDIENTS: Invert bee feed, powdered sugar, vitamins (A(WS),D3(WS),B2, B12, C,E(WS),K)



0.5 kg package is opened and put into the feeder in each bucket. If the feeder is checked and consumed every 15-20 days, a new one is put in.

It is bee food given to meet the nutritional needs of bees in late autumn and early spring.


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