Black Cumin Honey 860 g (918)

Black Cumin Honey 860 g (918)

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Black Cumin Honey 860 g (918)

Black cumin honey has strengthening, appetizing, diuretic and milk enhancing effects on the body. It relieves heartburn and it is useful in allergic situations. Black cumin honey prevents the formation of cataracts by protecting the eyes against the sun and strong rays. It is effective in relaxing the lungs and liver. It is beneficial for pains, aches, colds, chronic bronchitis and upper respiratory tract, shortness of breath, asthma, and cough. It is useful in cleansing the blood.

1 teaspoon can be used in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Almost everyone can use black cumin honey, especially in heart diseases and as a menstrual reliever.

Black cumin honey, which has great effects even in cancer diseases, has many benefits that cannot be counted.

Black cumin oil contains a very serious amount of minerals and vitamins. These vitamins and minerals meet the needs of the human body. For this reason, you can naturally gain these important minerals to your body with black cumin honey.

This excellent product, which all people should use today, is one of the substances that has been consumed since ancient times. It is known that in the early days, people only used black cumin. However, as time went on, different useful products emerged, so many people mixed these products or substances to create much more healing mixtures.


  • When black cumin oil is applied to eczema skin frequently, the skin heals quickly. Again, it is very useful in skin diseases due to its germicidal effect.
  • Black cumin has been known for a long time for indigestion and stomach bloating.


  • It is good for hemorrhoids, because it strengthens the vessels and accelerates blood circulation.


  • It is beneficial for metabolic diseases such as rheumatism, diabetes and high cholesterol.


  • It also has a beneficial effect on impotence and infertility. Because black cumin regulates sexual hormones and gives physical and spiritual vitality and vigor.


  • Black seed oil is used against menstrual cramps and toothache.


Since black cumin strengthens the immune system, it is recommended against contemporary diseases such as cancer and AIDS. It also cures common diseases with its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. It is also effective against allergic diseases, hair loss and dandruff, especially asthma and pollen allergy.


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