Essence for Attracting Swarm 20 cc

Essence for Attracting Swarm 20 cc

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Essence for Attracting Swarm 20 cc

If you want to enlarge your honey bee colonies or transfer bees to another hive, you can do this easily and practically by using essence for attracting swarm.

Usage; It is poured on the cotton in an appropriate amount and left in an empty bucket close to the hive from which the drone will come out.

Application; Since the essence is volatile, this process should be repeated every day.

What is Swarm?; It is called swarm when some of the bees in the colony leave the hive; or a new colony is formed by the beekeeper in order to continue their generation with the queen.

What is Artificial Swarm?; It is called artificial swarm when the beekeeper removes a group of bees from the colony in a conscious and controlled manner and creates a new colony.


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