Locally Produced Pollen

Locally Produced Pollen

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Locally Produced Pollen

Pollen has restorative effects on the body’s organs and systems. It also has important successful developments especially in the degeneration of the liver caused by traumatic, toxic, hepatitis or any effect. For this purpose, drugs made from pollen are sold on the market in Germany and Romania.

Considering the papers discussed in various congresses on apitherapy, in summary, pollen used successfully in chronic digestive system diseases such as chronic colitis, gastric ulcer, gastric bleeding, chronic diarrhea and constipation; in the treatment of anemia; in brain sclerosis; in cholesterol, lipid and triglyceride control; in prostate gland diseases; in acute and chronic hepatitis; in structural or physiological problems seen in tissues and organs.

The use of pollen can be safely applied in every person from the beginning of childhood to a very advanced age, who has switched to a normal diet. In fact, even people with pollen allergy can consume pollen provided that they do not smell the pollen and do not contaminate it. Because pollen allergy is caused by the direct effect of pollen on sensitive tissues rather than the ingestion of pollen. However, these people should start with a very low amount of pollen just in case, and increase it a little every day to reach the normal level. In allergic cases caused by chewing the pollen, the amount of pollen to be taken can be kept in water at room temperature for 15-20 minutes, then crushed and made drinkable, then it can be drunk purely or together with any cold fruit juice.

Daily consumption of pollen can be increased from 2 teaspoons in young children to 20 grams in adults, by increasing it with age. However, in adults, it can be taken as a teaspoon 3-4 times a day in the beginning and then a dessert spoon 3 times a day. Storing the pollen in airtight containers and in the cold helps to preserve its effectiveness. Taking it on an empty stomach and chewing it thoroughly increases the benefit of pollen.


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