Perga – Bee Bread 100 g

Perga – Bee Bread 100 g

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Perga – Bee Bread 100 g

Perga Bee bread is a natural bee product that comes directly from the hive without being processed. This product, which is rich in enzymes and proteins, is as follows; The bees carry the pollen from the flowers to the honeycomb cells and mix it with a small amount of honey. After the honeycomb cell is filled, they cover it with wax. During the whole season, bee pollen is fermented in the hive and becomes bee bread. We also call Bee Bread “Perga”. In the clearest definition, pollen fermented with honey is called bee bread or Perga. Bee bread is made by bees for development and nutritional functions. Honeybees consume the most bee bread after royal jelly and pollen. Bees store bee bread for winter consumption for both themselves and their baby worker bees. Bees supply their protein needs by using bee bread and leave the excess in the hive. We harvest Bee Bread, which is not used by bees, only during winter preparation. In this way, we ensure that the bees are happy and the ecological balance is maintained without disturbing it.


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