Pinetree Honey 860 g 

Pinetree Honey 860 g 

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Pinetree Honey 860 g 

The most important feature of pine honey is that it can be stored for a long time without its consistency deteriorating or crystallization. Its color is darker than most flower honeys. Pine honey is a product that has a wide range of use as a natural additive in various products in medicine and food sector and therefore has an important export potential. It has a distinctive feature with its dark, cloudy brown color, pine honey taste and odor. The glucose and fructose content of pine honey is lower than flower honeys. It is less sweet and does not leave a burning sensation in the throat. Pine honey contains a large number of hyphae and spores, and these hyphae are particularly not found in forest honey of any country except Turkey and Greece. The positive effects and benefits of pine honey on the respiratory tract and digestive system have been accepted in medical field. Pine honey contains more enzymes, amino acids and mineral substances than flower honey. It has an antioxidant effect. It is beneficial to consume pine honey for the healthy development of children in cases of iron deficiency caused by malnutrition and similar situations. It has the feature of losing weight when mixed with a glass of warm water every morning and drunk on an empty stomach.


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