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ATC Honey Refractometer is a sensitive honey refractometer that is needed by beekeepers to control the quality of honey.

Honey Refractometer provides easy product analysis for honey producers, jam producers and marmalade producers. It ends your production positively by giving the right results.

Characteristics of ATC Honey Refractometer

It is a sensitive honey refractometer designed to measure the quality of honey.

It allows you to see the baume, brix and water values in honey.

It is also known as a honey moisture meter.

Although the sector it is used in is generally the beekeeping sector, it is also used in making marmalade and jam.

The device draws attention with its small volume, light weight and easy use.

Calibration adjustment and sharpness adjustment can be made.

The prism of the refractometer must be protected from impacts and scratches.

The accessories that come with the device are as follows; hard carrying case, small screwdriver for calibration adjustment, plastic dropper, cleaning cloth and instructions for use.


You should hold the sside of the refractometer with the oblique prism on, which the sample is dropped will face the light, in your hand by holding it by the body. And when the cover is closed, position the binocular part of the device to your eye and try to read the value in the measurement table you see. If the values you have seen are not clear, you can turn the measurement table right and left by turning the adjustment ring just above the binoculars and adjust the clarity.

Making Zero Adjustment:

First, open the prism cover, drop 1-2 drops of distilled water on the inclined prism surface and close the cover slowly. In this way, a thin layer of water will remain between the prism surface and the cover. Make sure that the Dark-Light color separation image appears around the 0 (zero) line of the size chart. If not, turn the calibration screw with the help of a screwdriver so that the measurement table coincides with the zero line, so that the dark-light distinction coincides with the zero line of the measurement table.


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