Royal Jelly 50 g

Royal Jelly 50 g

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Royal Jelly 50 g

Royal jelly is a substance with a very complex structure in terms of composition. In addition to about 3% undetermined substances, half of royal jelly contains water, protein, fat, sugar, micro elements, enzymes, hormones, vitamins, various fatty acids, 10-HDA and many other substances. Although these substances whose effects are known but cannot be determined, they constitute the extraordinary efficacy of royal jelly, although their ratios are low.

Since royal jelly is generally effective on cell renewal, production and metabolism in the body, it creates vitality in all tissues of the organism and consequently health, energy, immunity and vigor. With this aspect, it provides significant improvement in all possible health problems.

Researchers, who determined an average of 80% improvement in applications performed on 54 different diseases in Japan, report that some of these diseases as; loss of appetite, insufficiency of body defense system due to chronic diseases, metabolism and nutrition disorders, menstrual disorders, digestive system disorders, asthma, bronchitis, chronic constipation, irritability, insomnia and liver disorders. The same researchers also state that the formation and growth of tumors in cancer is inhibited by royal jelly.

In China, experimental animals were divided into two groups after the antigen causing tumor formation was administered and royal jelly was given to one of the groups. Although all animals in the group that did not receive royal jelly died of cancer, no one died of cancer in the group that received royal jelly. This proves at least the preventive effect of royal jelly on cancer formation.

In a study conducted in Argentina, rabbits were given a diet containing excessive fat by dividing into two groups and royal jelly was given to one of the groups. As a result of the experiment, the cholesterol level in the blood of the control group was determined as 1.37% on average, while this value was found to be 0.68% in the group given royal jelly. While atherosclerotic lesions in the aorta occurred at a level of 69.4–85.4% in the control group, this value was determined as 10% in the royal jelly group. In addition, as a result of the examination of the bottom of the eyes, coronary vessels and liver, a significant superiority was determined in the group receiving royal jelly.

It has been determined that blood sugar decreases in normal or diabetic people who consume royal jelly because skeletal muscles evaluate glucose more. In a study conducted on 125 infected patients in Bulgaria, it was determined that royal jelly increased the immunobiological activity.

As common in various sources, it is stated that royal jelly is successfully used in various infectious diseases, muscle diseases, shortness of breath, fatty liver, joint diseases, weakness and fatigue, nervous and physical fatigue, stomach and intestinal diseases, strengthening the immune system, nervous and mental disorders, increasing mental activities, old age, in the elimination of reproductive and sexual problems, in the removal of sudden excitement and spiritual tensions.

Thanks to acetylcholine, which is abundant in its structure, fatty liver is prevented, blood pressure is reduced and heartbeat is regulated. Even a daily dose of 50-100 mg of royal jelly, which is an anti-arteriosclerotic substance, reduced the total cholesterol level by 14% and the total lipid level by 10%. Since the use of royal jelly in high doses causes the formation of antiviral effects, very successful results are obtained against the flu, and it has been determined by experiments that it is significantly effective in visual disorders and increasing the ability to see.


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