Stainless Steel – Uncapping Tool

Stainless Steel – Uncapping Tool

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Stainless Steel – Uncapping Tool

The plastic uncapping tool is the equipment used to clean the glazed combs from the glaze before milking. It is made of durable plastic and food-grade material. There is 1 disassembled strainer under the support hanger of the uncapping vessel, where the rough honeycomb and glaze wastes formed during the uncapping process are collected. The honeycomb and glaze residues formed during the uncapping process are collected in this strainer, and the honey flows into the lower chamber. With its ergonomic structure, light weight, it is easy to carry, does not take up space and is easy to clean. The plastic uncapping vessel consists of 3 parts: a metal stainless support hanger, a plastic strainer and a honey filtering vessel.


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