Teknovitmix Bee Vitamin 100 g

Teknovitmix Bee Vitamin 100 g

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Teknovitmix Bee Vitamin 100 g


Teknovitmix is a nutritional complex that helps honey bees to resist and protect against diseases.

It reduces the stress that may occur during the transportation of the hives, in order to obtain more honey and offspring from healthy hives, in order to supplement with vitamins during sherbeting periods.

It supports colony health before and after winter. It helps in the development of the bee colony that has been poisoned and damaged by pesticides during the swarming and split bee rearing periods.

It supports the colony to protection against the deceases like European foul brood, American foul brood (Nosema apis, Nosema ceranae), Varroa destructor; and it helps the colony to nourished during the cure.

Thanks to the vitamins it contains, it contributes positively to the laying of eggs by the queen bees and increases the honey production of the worker bees.

Usage Instruction;

After adding 2 g (1 teaspoon with a hill) to the 1:1 syrup and mixing it well, it is given to the honey bees.

It should be given every week in the spring.


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