Varojel 500 ml (Beestrong)

Varojel 500 ml (Beestrong)

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Varojel 500 ml (Beestrong)

BEESTRONG ® Varojel has been formulated using the extracts obtained by distillation of endemic plants grown in the Toros Mountains in the southern part of Turkey. It is a natural product produced to protect and save bees from Varroa mites and to be used as a treatment support during illness and recovery periods, thanks to distilled Thymol (thyme), Eucalyptol (eucalyptus), Menthol (mint), other aromatic components and minerals.

When using BEESTRONG ® Varojel:

It makes bees resistant to external parasites.

It is used in bees to protect against varroa mites, as a protector of intestinal flora, and as a support during illness and recovery periods.

It contributes to the rapid and healthy development of bees born in early spring.

It provides protection against the troubles caused by varroa mites in bees.

It creates a sterile environment in the hive and eliminates the factors that cause diseases.


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