Probee Plus 250 ml

Probee Plus 250 ml

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Probee Plus 250 ml

It is produced from hydrolates and oils of medicinal and aromatic plants. Used throughout the honey season. It does not leave any residue on honey. It does not contain chemicals and synthetic substances. It does not cause side effects. Probee Plus strengthens the immune system of your bees and increases their performance. It prevents bee deaths by protecting your bees against diseases. It reduces deaths by strengthening your bees against poisoning. Probee Plus calms your bees. It reduces looting. It is applied by opening the hive cover and spraying between the laths. The slats inside the hive are spaced so that the sprayed solution comes into contact with the bees. You start to see the effects of Probee Plus within a few hours after the application. After three applications, one week apart, you will see that your bee is protected against diseases and defies internal and external factors.


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