Api Red 325 g

Api Red 325 g

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Api Red 325 g

Ingredients: Strained Raw Honey, Apilarnil, Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Bread (Perga), Ginseng

ApiRED is a NATURAL MIXTURE that contains Strained Raw Honey, Apilarnil, Fresh Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly and Royal Bread.


Another miracle food source from bee products is pollen. The ancient Egyptians described pollen as “a life-giving dust.” Pollen grains are the most important protein source for bees to survive.


By carrying pollen from flowers to flowers, bees contribute to both honey production and the reproduction of those flowers. During the process of carrying pollen from flowers, dozens of foods adhere to the wings of the bees, and they transform these foods into bee pollen, creating a food source that they can consume. The food source created by honey bees is called “bee pollen”. Although they are generally seen and sold in yellow color, they can also have different colors such as purple, black and red. The size of the pollen grains is between 50-100 mm. Compressed pollen powder contains thousands of pollen grains.


The term propolis is derived from the Greek, pro means “defense”, polis “city”. From here, it was possible to reach a meaning such as the defense of the city or the hive.

Most plants protect their leaves, flowers and fruits with resinous substances that they produce against antimicrobial rot, which have waterproof and thermal insulation properties. Honey bees collect these resinous substances from cracks in the trunks of trees, buds and leaves. The sticky substance that bees chew, add oral digestive enzymes and partially digest, mix with beeswax is used for various purposes in the hive. In other words, propolis of honey bees; It is a sticky, dark-colored substance collected from living plants, mixed with beeswax, and used for polishing and closing the openings in the hive before eggs are laid in the larva’s eyes.

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What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a milky secretion produced by worker honey bees. Its content varies depending on geography and climate. This product is called “royal jelly” in English because it is used for the development and nutrition of the queen bee. Royal jelly is often confused with pollen, but these two products are completely different from each other. Although these products like royal jelly, honey, pollen and beeswax are obtained especially from honey bees, they differ from each other in almost every respect.

Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion used for feeding larvae and also for adult queens. It is secreted from the glands of worker bees, and all larvae in the colony are fed with this secretion, regardless of gender or social class.

Worker bees are fed with royal jelly in the first three days of their larval stages, while for the queen bee, royal jelly is the only food throughout her life. As a result of special feeding of honey bee larva with royal jelly, a fertile and long-lived adult queen bee develops with morphological and functional characteristics that other adult individuals in the hive lack.


It is the pollen collected by the bees from nature to feed their young ones, while being stored in the honeycomb cells, enriched with the secretions added by the bee from its own body, and matured in the consistency desired by the bee after a certain period of time. Perga has waited for a while with the secretions added by the bee from its own body, the mature pollen is only used in the feeding of bee chicks after its transformation into bee bread.


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